There are so many amazing things to discover when you travel to Costa Rica!  We’ve answered some commonly asked questions here so you can start off with some basic knowledge about our hotel and surroundings.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any more information!

Where exactly are you? 
We’re located on Playa Guoines in the town of Nosara on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

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What’s the best way to get to the hotel? 
You can reach Nosara by flying or driving. For those who prefer staying on the ground, the drive is approximately 2.5 hours from Liberia airport and 5 hours from San Jose airport. Remember that Costa Rica can sometimes present challenging traffic and road conditions (the drive to the hotel has some unpaved and bumpy sections), but if you have patience and a sense of adventure this is a fun way to go. 

Our reservations team can arrange a driver to pick you up and return you to the airport if you prefer not to drive yourself. Please get in touch for details and rates. 

Driving directions and tips are here (PDF)

Nosara (NOB) is our local airstrip, and flights on the domestic carrier Sansa can be as short as 20 min from Liberia (LIR) and 45min from San Jose (SJO). The planes for these connections are small, prop-engined aircraft. 

A valid passport is mandatory to enter Costa Rica.  It is a good idea to look up the travel requirements from your particular country of residence.

What’s the weather like? 
We experience our green season May through October.  There is always some variability, but mornings are usually sunny and warm, with rains rolling in during the afternoon and evening.  The rains are warm, and can come and go quickly, so there is usually time throughout the day to enjoy different activities. Temperatures can range from 70 – 90 F. September and October tend to be our wettest months, when rains can sometimes last the whole day.  

Our dry season lasts from November to April, and you can expect consistently hot sunny days and warm nights with temperatures ranging from 75-95 F. 

When is the best time to go?
Green season is great for people who want to experience lush green vegetation, quieter beaches and town, lower hotel rates, and don’t mind the occasional rain storm, bigger waves, and less people to share them with.  Dry season is preferred by those who are looking for consistent sun and an escape from the northern winters, and don’t mind the local environment being drier and a bit busier.

Are kids welcome?
We do have many families with children stay with us during Thanksgiving week, Winter holidays, and over spring break. While we consistently strive to maintain a calm and relaxing environment for all our guests, please note that during these times of year several children can be present and the atmosphere, especially around the pool, can be louder than usual. 

How far are you from the beach? 
Playa Guiones is an easy 2 minute walk from the Harmony.  Starting at our back gate, just follow the quiet sandy path that leads through the trees and shrubs of the coastal forest to reach the beach.  Playa Guiones is part of the protected Ostional Wildlife Refuge, so you’ll notice there is no development or services located directly on the beach.

Is the area safe?  
Yes, our town is safe, and there is a local police station. As with any vacation spot, there is some petty theft occasionally (flip flops on the beach, etc) but as long as you are a mindful traveler, you don’t need to worry. 

Is the water safe to drink? 
The water in our area is completely safe to drink, and we take an extra step of treating our supply with a UV light purification system.

How is the Dengue and Zika situation there? 
There has been a dramatic drop in Dengue cases over the last year, and there have been very few cases of Zika ever reported in Playa Guiones.  We always recommend taking precautions to minimize risk of mosquito bites, such as using repellent and/or wearing long pants and shirts while outside in the evening.

Are there shops and amenities in the area?
There are small shops, a number of restaurant & bar options, a doctor’s office and other hotels within easy walking or biking distance.  The town of Nosara is about 20 minutes away, and has a few typical costa rican restaurants, a supermarket, pharmacy, and gas station. 

Is there an ATM nearby?
There is a bank a short walk away, but their ATM only works with some cards (no chip). There is an ATM at the Nosara gas station (10 min drive), and we can also do a cash advance at the hotel with a 6% commission fee.

Can we use credit cards outside of the hotel? 
Major credit cards, mainly VISA, are accepted by many places outside the hotel.  U.S. dollars are accepted by most places in the area, and it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand for smaller purchases. 

What kind of wildlife can we expect to see? 
You’ll spot a variety of wildlife in the area, though sloths are not native to this part of CR.  Thanks to our native gardens, howler monkeys are often seen crossing the property. Birds, iguanas, red squirrels, Coatimundi (a very cute cousin of the raccoon) are common visitors, as well as a variety of bugs and butterflies.  

When is the best time to see the sea turtles?
While the Olive Ridley turtles can nest at nearby Ostional beach year round, their peak nesting season is September through November.  During these months, the mass arrivals, or arribadas, normally occur a few days before the new moon. The hatchlings pop up from the sand about 45-54 days later to make their way to the sea.

What activities should we explore outside of the hotel? 
There’s a ton to do in our area!  Check out our Adventures page for some ideas, and our front desk team can help you with up-to-date information and arrangements.

When is check in time?
Hotel check in is 2pm and check out is 11am.

Are you pet friendly?
We love animals but unfortunately can’t accommodate pets.

Do you have room service? 
We don’t offer room service, but we will do our best to accommodate special cases.

Is there laundry service?
Yes, we have a basic wash and fold service available that uses biodegradable detergent.

Are there TVs in the room? 
Our rooms do not have televisions.

Are sodas available?
We choose not to carry sodas at the hotel, but offer housemade fizzers made with fresh juices.

Is there a babysitting or nanny service available? 
We’ve partnered with an experienced local nanny service that provides babysitting for an hourly charge.  For a full day outing, Nosara Day Camp offers day programs that include activities, transportation and a meal.

Is smoking allowed? 
No, our rooms are non-smoking. Costa Rican law prohibits smoking in any public place (including our property).

Is tipping necessary in Costa Rica?
In general, it’s customary to tip in Costa Rica, but not required.  A 10% gratuity is automatically included in all restaurants, but customers typically add an extra 5 -10%, especially if the service exceeded expectations.  In hotels, a good rule of thumb for tipping housekeeping is $5 – 10/ night. Drivers typically receive a few extra dollars for short cab rides, more for longer trips, and tour guides/instructors are customarily given around $10 per individual on the tour.  At the Harmony front desk, it’s possible to leave a tip upon check-out that can be divided amongst the Harmony staff members.  

What should I pack? 
It gets hot in Nosara so pack accordingly.  Casual and comfortable are key. Should you miss anything, our on-property Tiendita is stocked with traveler necessities like sunscreen, bug spray, and other personal care products.  

Don’t forget:

  • Passport: A valid passport is mandatory to enter Costa Rica.  It is a good idea to look up the travel requirements from your particular country of residence.
  • Bathing suits
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Walking/running shoes
  • Cool, light clothing (long pants and sleeves are useful if you plan on adventure activities)
  • In green season, a light rain jacket is handy
  • Sunscreen + bug spray
  • Prescription medications
  • Camera (binoculars may come in handy as well)
  • A converter is needed for European electric plugs: Costa Rica has U.S. style 110 volt electrical outlets

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions!