Anyone who has visited this sleepy surfer town will tell you what a magical place it is. We are committed keeping it that way for future generations. The Harmony Hotel received a five-leaf rating from Costa Rica’s prestigious Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST) on its first evaluation and has maintained that rating since. Below are a few of our sustainability efforts:

  • We support local projects that promote the sustainable development of the community
  • We hire and train 60% of our staff from the surrounding area
  • We include native plants that provide food and shelter for the local animal population in our garden design
  • We treat the wastewater without using chemicals and re-use the water for irrigating the hotel’s lush tropical gardens
  • We use environmentally friendly and organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
  • We use all-natural, biodegradable bath products by Red Flower in reusable glass dispensers
  • We recycle 85% of the hotel’s waste
  • We compost raw food waste from our restaurant and Juice Bar to make organic fertilizer for our gardens
  • We use bamboo straws
  • We calculate and compensate for the hotel’s carbon emissions with our “Plant a Tree” project where guests and staff plant trees in the local community
  • We use solar panels to provide a renewable energy source that heats hot water for all of the guest rooms

For more information on these initiatives, please contact