Located in a region steeped in agricultural tradition, the hotel started its own farm in 2009. Built on a half-acre plot near the hotel’s property, we began with a nutrient-rich base that would keep our plants happy. Under the guidance of three experienced local farmers we used traditional methods and all processes—from sewing seeds to harvesting plants—are still done by hand. In the first year we experimented with heat-tolerant plants such as tomatoes, peppers and lemongrass. By year two, we’d added herbs, kale, ginger and micro greens, along with a roof to protect crops from sun and rain. The food grown on our farm is part of a full circle system: we deliver it to the hotel and take away composted scraps to use as organic fertilizer for the farm.

With our commitment to be as sustainable as possible, it only made sense to grow what we eat. Our field-to-table project has been incredibly rewarding: twenty-five percent of the foods we now serve at our Juice Bar are sourced from our farm.  Of all our sustainable practices, this is by far the most delicious!