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As you walk to our spacious yoga studio and meditation shala, you’ll discover a freshwater pond where animals stop by for a drink during dry season. During class, relax your gaze upon layers of deep green jungle as the sounds of nature punctuate the silence. No walls. No mirrors. We believe in a conscious practice and encourage balance from the inside out.

Our daily classes are:
$20 regular classes
$15 nacional & residents
$28 aerial class
$17 aerial - nacional & residents
A few reminders:
Our classes are ALL LEVELS unless specified otherwise
L1 – 2: Some yoga experience recommended
L2 – 3: Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Practice
To ensure the highest quality experience for all, each yoga class is limited to 20 people.
++  We recommend arriving 20 minutes before class starts  ++
click on the titles for full descriptions.

A space for silence and reflection led by an experienced instructor. In this class you will explore different meditation and mindfulness techniques to deepen your practice.


Start the morning right. This class, taught by a different teacher each day, offers a unique opportunity for students to explore various approaches to Hatha Yoga. All levels.


An intentional flow class aimed to create and preserve wellness of the body and mind. In this class you will work on alignment, balance and muscle control. This class is fun, playful and includes inversions & arm balances. One year of Yoga experience is recommended. Level 2-3.


Qi Gong, Aknanda Method is a mind-body training that integrates movements, postures, breathing and awareness. A real meditation in movement, an art that strengthens your health, promotes longevity and inner peace. Aknanda QiGong Method, brings a way to self mastery, sowing a Zen attitude and deep recognition of the energy power and its capacities for movement, healing and transformation. The unity of body, mind, and spirit.


A practice that soothes and seduces your nervous system into an organic receptivity as well as pleasurable release. This process opens space for multidimensional healing and peace of mind. Props are used to support your body in this subtle and profound practice. Touch quiet, the natural sound of your spiritual heart. All levels.


Aerial Yoga provides a fun and challenging workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without overstressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae. The key to Aerial Yoga is the hammock, a swath of silky fabric that acts as your support system. Using the hammock, you invert and hang suspended in the air. Some health restrictions might apply. All levels. (Please sign up in advance at the HC.)


Using movement skills including traditional yoga asana as well as techniques derived from functional movement training and physical therapy, the aim of this class is to support range of motion, build strength and improve balance using chairs, bolsters, blankets and blocks. We employ breath work and restorative postures to allow time for meditation and relaxation. This class is intended to benefit a wide range of participants and is ideal for those seeking a gentle practice, returning to yoga or physical activity after time away from regular practice, and to assist people with physical limitations. People who are new to yoga and those desiring greater balance, flexibility, mobility and vitality would also find these classes beneficial. All levels.


Alignment based class designed to relax your body, quiet themind and balance your energy. Surf through active vinyasa, explore through the stillness of hatha and reconnect to your truth through pranayamas and meditation. A class for all levels designed to work your complete body and get it back in harmony with the more subtle parts of yourself. Level 1-2.


A profound tool for transformation and healing on all levels–body, mind & spirit. It uses the ancient practice of circular, connected breathing. Breathwork is one of the purest and most effective techniques to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, and awaken you to your true Being. All levels.


A self-care, deep tissue massage therapy that utilizes a variety of balls specific to targeting different areas of the body. Using our own body weight to roll on the balls, we target specific lines and areas to release and relax tight muscles, tendons, ligaments and the myofascial tissue. Over time you will improve your range of motion, eliminate pain and leave each class with renewed energy and optimum health. All Levels.


The first part of this class is Modern Kundalini to move the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. Then you dive deep into some Yin postures to support your nervous system, while receiving hands on Reiki energy to support the experience. All Levels.


During this class we will pay special attention to the upper body and arms for paddle muscle recovery along with shoulder mobility, working on smoothing out knots and bunched up tissue by re-establishing muscle length with some deep stretching. We will also stretch and improve hip mobility by performing a set of asanas and dynamic movements for mobility and strength. Back health is also important in surfing, so we will do both back strengthening asanas and lower back releasing poses for general spine health. All Levels.


Strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and create long, lean lines in a low impact way. This practice will help you develop better posture and control over your body and improve your performance in any sport you practice too. All levels are welcome, however it’s better if you’re not injured (unless you know how to adapt the exercises to your body).


Aerial yoga restorative is deeply relaxing and healing. Suspended in a low-to-the-ground silk hammock snuggly wrapped around the hips. One will experience a deep relaxation while gently allowing the lower spine to decompress and sooth the entire nervous system. This class is suitable for healing from injuries, pregnancy or for those that simply wish to experience the benefits of inversions while feeling the support of the floor beneath them.


Multidisciplinary Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of culture, music, warrior dance, agility and corporal expression, strength, flexibility, acrobatics, attack and defense. 6-12 years old.


Yoga Nidra is a simple guided progression through deeply regenerative brainwave states. A meditative and calming practice to reduce anxiety and supercharge your day (plus night's sleep!) through a process of “waking dreaming”. All levels and abilities.


A blend of Yin, Restorative & gentle yoga. A sequenced, mindful flow of long held postures that stretch and stimulate the body’s deep connective tissue. The ideal compliment to dynamic muscular forms of yoga and fitness. Excellent for athletes, surfers and beginners. All levels.


Alignment based class designed to relax your body, quiet the mind and balance your energy. Surf through active vinyasa, explore through the stillness of hatha and reconnect to your truth through pranayamas and meditation. A class for all levels designed to work your complete body and get it back in harmony with the more subtle parts of yourself. Level 1-2.


This ancient practice involves powerful movements, breathing, deep understanding of the body mechanics, energy work and awareness. It is a very sophisticated Taoist method for peace, inner strength, embodiment and meditation, is the art that expresses the natural flow of nature.


All eyes on you! A 75 minute private yoga lesson designed for you and with you. Sessions can focus on alignment, imbalances in the body and breath, chronic tension and holding patterns or other areas of interest. All postures and sequences will be adjusted to your level of comfortability.

1-3 people
4-6 people
7-12 people

Let’s look together, through the lens of compassion, at your relationship with yourself. This detailed session includes analysis of an existing practice or the creation of a new one. Through discussion
we will review health concerns, injuries, and personal goals. Through movement, we will explore ideas for future practices and integrate new
techniques that serve your personal practice. Come to a deeper understanding caring for yourself through inquiry, observation, and awareness.

60 min
90 min

Aerial yoga provides a fun and challenging class that allows you to stretch and strengthen without overstressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae. Using a specialized hammock, you invert and hang suspended in the air. The hammock supports your hips for forward bends and backbends. It acts as your seat for a number of variations on core strengthening exercises. Best of all, the hammock wraps you in your own little cocoon for a swaying savasana suspended above the ground.
Please check our Aerial Yoga instructions at the reception for further information and health restrictions. Level 1-2.

1-4 people
5-7 people
8-11 people