with DeBlois Milledge

& Viajeros de Amor por el Mundo

Thursday, January 23

Renowned singer-songwriter DeBlois Milledge will be joined by Nosara based sound healing duo Viajeros de Amor por el Mundo for an event that is part performance, part art project. Join us at the Juice Bar to experience an evening of beautiful live music. 

DeBlois is a singer-songwriter based in Miami Florida whose songs are featured in the PBS documentary Escape to Dreamland, among other placements for film and television. A longtime friend of Nosara, DeBlois helped launch the music scene here in the early 2000’s with her unique blend of folk/acoustic/surf tunes and good vibes! She has travelled all over the world playing her songs in big and small venues, capturing the hearts of audiences ranging in age from 9 to 90. Don’t miss this songstress! She holds a special place in the heart of this community.

Viajeros are sound healers who use sounds/vibrations produced by different therapeutic and musical instruments tuned at specific frequencies that can be chosen according to client’s intentions for the session. In their work, some instruments can be used directly touching the body, others can be laid upon, and many can be played around the body creating a soothing sounds landscape.