Women’s Retreat

May 4th – 10th, 2019

Technology and the chaos of life have distanced us more and more from our inner compass and innate wisdom. It’s time to disconnect from technology and chaos and reconnect to the magic of life. Upgrade your Intuitive Operating System™ to truly thrive. Refill your tanks and ignite your superpowers. Awaken to Joy!

Join this special retreat of dynamic, heart-centered women as together we soak in the magic and healing of the blue zone on the Guanacaste Coast of Costa Rica. The slower pace of this unique environment allows you to settle in to a quieter, calming, nourishing space to explore, reflect and recharge. Using the BAALL Process woven together with QiGong, Ki-Hara, Meditation and Insightful Discovery, we will strengthen your connection to your own compass so you can shine brightly!

Relax – Rejuvenate – Recharge as you:​

  • Reconnect & discover what makes you Thrive
  • Feel the connections within your body and within nature
  • Empower your practice for profound impact
  • Find a more soulful and joyful connection for daily living
  • Ignite the joy in your work and home life
  • Acquire the tools to keep you thriving

Join Ki-Hara expert Susan Bianchi, Spiritual guide Becky Eshelman and Healing Centre creative director Monica Ramos as they combine their talents through the engaging, thoughtful, and playful process of BAALL – Breathe, Ask, Allow, Listen & Love.  Blending seamlessly together they open the space within that feels like “home” and create the space for the unknown to explore, uncover and flourish. Utilizing the BAALL process, they help deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and knowing, encouraging you to boldly live your truth and shine brightly for those around you.

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