The Harmony Restoration Week offers a customized retreat experience during your stay.  Tailored to your personal needs and intentions, the program is co-designed by you and our Healing Centre Health Concierge to include healing bodywork, individualized yoga and meditation practice, and meaningful personal exploration. We invite you to explore and collaborate with our team of talented healers to bring the body and mind to a state of relaxation, harmony and well being.


3 Day Restoration Program  We recommend a four night stay.

2 sessions with our Health Concierge

Unlimited daily yoga classes

3 Healing Center massage or aesthetic services

1 private yoga therapy session

($1135 per person + lodging)


6 Day Restoration Program This option requires a 6 night stay and advance booking of 2 weeks.

3 sessions with our Health Concierge

Nutritional guidance

Unlimited daily yoga classes

Daily Healing Centre massage or aesthetic services

2 private yoga therapy sessions

($1820 per person + lodging)

For more information, email with the potential dates of your visit. Our professional staff will guide you through the process.