La Flora Inquiry | An exploration of Flowers + Yoga


This afternoon exploration of movement and creativity will offer attendees an opportunity to flow with Emily Shapiro, tapping into our second chakra (our creativity center) and shedding our brain chitta, allowing a fresh plunge into floral arranging with Liza Lubell (of Brooklyn + Nosara’s Peartree Flowers). Liza will guide attendees to uncover their own unique floral arranging talents utilizing the incredible jungle bounty at our literal fingertips at the Harmony Hotel. We’ll walk through the Harmony gardens, learning how to respectfully clip elements from the beautiful landscape and will gain insights on what to look for when forming an idea for an arrangement. The exploratory afternoon will take us on a journey to connect to our bodies, our creativity, our landscape, and each other.

Sunday, April 21st
$50 per person
2:00pm – 5:00 pm