Jeff Warren

November 26th through December 16th  //  February 15th through March 1st

Mondays & Fridays 7 – 8am

We are thrilled to welcome Jeff Warren, author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics and the Head Trip. Jeff will be hosting seated meditation classes on Mondays and Fridays 7 – 8am at the Healing Centre Shala, and offering evening Dharma Talks during his stay.


The Sex Myth Detox

with Sarah Barmak

December 9th, 2:00pm

Many of us harbour inherited beliefs about how sexuality “should” be – myths that affect our sex lives, body image and well-being. There are ways to detox from ideas that no longer serve us and explore new ones that nourish our capacity for pleasure. Join sexuality writer Sarah Barmak, author of the book Closer: Notes From the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality, as she creates a transformative space for women to shed cultural expectations and self-judgment. Learn the cutting-edge science that is transforming what we know about desire. Rediscover female pleasure anatomy in empowering ways. Eat chocolate.

This two-hour workshop is open to all women, female-identified and gender non-binary people.

Drop in $20.


Harmony Soundscapes

December 14th 6:00 pm with Lori Bonazolli & Santos Sitar

December 27th , 6:00 pm with Terra Nuñez & Santos Sitar

Slip on your Soundoff noise cancelling headphones, connect to the sounds of the sitar and flow through an intentional 90 minute Yoga practice.

Drop in $25


Aerial Low & Slow

with Hayley Mcmillan Ord

December  22nd, 6:00pm  //  December  29th  6:00pm

Aerial Low and Slow is a class designed to allow one to experience the benefits of Aerial Yoga while not necessarily inverting.  The hammock is suspended only inches from the floor creating a feeling of floating. The muscles relax deeply as the body begins to gently sway, holding restorative positions.  The psychological effect one experiences while being wrapped in the silk hammock aides in deep relaxation. As the body relaxes, the mind begins to quiet and the results range from feeling renewed, rejuvenated  and invigorated.

Drop in $25


The Restorative Spectrum: Deep Peace for the Holidays

with Jane Fryer

December 23rd, 2:00pm

Fluid Flow of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra

Emphasis on the Water Element, Water Wisdom is knowing

When to take action, and when not to.

Drop in $25


Fusion of Healing Arts (Self Awakening Yoga & QiGong)  

with Robert Busch & Bharu

December 30th, 2:00pm

The intention of this experience is to use different aspects of both far-east Healing Arts to restore a deeper connection with our multidimensional being and learn how to cultivate our energy. We will be exploring various movement and meditation techniques from both teachings that allow us to develop an understanding of what Energy actually is and how we can use it to improve our well-being also finding ways on how we can balance them in order to enter a deep state of relaxation.

Drop in $40