Mindfulness Float

with Lauren Alderfer

Friday, February 1st, 6:00pm

Experience a mindfulness practice that invites in a soothing rest for your body and mind In total relaxation while laying down afloat an aerial hammock. This magical Nosara experience is sure to leave you with a greater spaciousness of mind and expansiveness of heart.

Drop in $25

The Restorative Spectrum

with Jane Fryer

Sunday, February 3rd 2:00-4:00pm

Restorative Yoga targets your Nervous System, soothing the urges and triggers to respond to perceived threats. A lot of these triggers are not even conscious, so the reset is a progressive process that unfolds through receiving your self/ Self in fully supported yoga poses.

Yin Yoga for your joints, to lubricate and revive ligaments,
tendons and bones. Long holds, quiet mind.
Yoga Nidra for your Soul; we will be using focus points from Ayurveda, the Indian medicine tradition. Balancing your multidimensional being through these internal practices will bring you an experience of yourself from an expanded, peaceful and glowing Heart.

All levels.

Love existed before Heaven or Earth…Hafiz

Drop in $25

Aerial Low & Slow

with Hayley Mcmillan Ord

Saturday, February 9th, 2:00pm

Aerial Low and Slow is a class designed to allow one to experience the benefits of Aerial Yoga while not necessarily inverting. The hammock is suspended only inches from the floor creating a feeling of floating.

The muscles relax deeply as the body begins to gently sway, holding restorative positions. The psychological effect one experiences while being wrapped in the silk hammock aides in deep relaxation. As the body relaxes, the mind begins to quiet and the results range from feeling renewed, rejuvenated and invigorated.

Drop in $25

Breath As Medicine

with Therese Jornlin

Sunday, February 10th 2pm-5pm

An Introduction to The B.A.M. Method
The primary movement of your body and the most powerful force in your life is the quiet cycling of your breath, and yet few know much about this inner resource.

Drop in $40
Nationals $30

Restorative Yoga for Lovers and All Unions

with Natrishka Pather

Friday, February 15th 6:30pm – 8:30pm

For singles, couples and all unions. Adding sex to our "to do" list can be a daunting task for many. A day filled with work, overstimulation and mental chatter can leave the nervous system in a state of depletion. Our body and mind are not ready for sex, what we want is to feel nurtured, connected and restored. What if we can do both?
Accessing the Parasympathetic nervous system prepares our body for pleasure and healing. In this workshop, we will Learn 3 Restorative Yoga poses for ultimate pleasure for both men and women. Practice the art of giving and receiving through the breath, touch and communication techniques. Create a new perspective towards spirited sexuality.

$20 per person

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

with Jeff Warren

Sunday February 17th 2019 2pm-4:30pm

It’s a relaxed and practical distillation of what meditators have been learning for 2,500 years.

The workshop will focus on practice, on the exploration and common-sense application of four key meditative skills – simplicity, clarity, equanimity and compassion – and how they can be mixed and matched to create the right customized practice. That means you’ll be meditating, and you’ll be listening to each other share insights and challenges. Open to all experience levels.

Drop in $40

Women Awake

with Therese Jornlin

Sunday, February 24th 2pm-5pm

Is an in depth transformational course that is a shared journey of re-membering, re-claiming and re-empowering your body as your first home, your biology as your powerhouse, and your biography as your most sacred text. This gathering is designed to give you a ‘taste’ of the content and practices of the in depth course and will inspire you to trust your body again and learn more!

Drop in $40

Nationals $30