Enter our spacious open-air yoga studio and feel yourself go, ahhhh. Relax your gaze onto layers of deep green jungle as the sounds of geckos and birds punctuate the silence. Look out onto the incredible natural surroundings. No walls. No mirrors. The space itself is soothing. And so are our classes. We believe in a conscious practice and encourage balance from the inside out. We support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a roster of incredible instructors a variety of classes offered seven days a week, we love working with yogis at every level. Adjacent to our yoga studio, is an additional open-air yoga sanctuary located near a lily-filled pond where our animal friends get water in the dry season.

Our yoga schedule is posted below, and full class and workshop descriptions/schedules are available by clicking HERE (to view or download a PDF).  We’re happy to offer our hotel guests one complimentary yoga class per day during their stay. Personal and private classes are available as are studio rentals. For more information: yoga@harmonynosara.com.







7:00am-8:00am Open Shala for Meditation Alix

8:15am Harmony Yoga Alix

10:00am Intermediate Vinyasa (L2-3) Lori

12:00pm  Restorative Nidra Jane

2:00pm Vinyasa Flow (L1-2) (60 min)  Emily

3:30pm  Yin Zac




7:00am-8:00am Qigong Bharú (starting  December 10th)

8:15am Harmony Yoga Cindy

10:00am Intermediate Vinyasa (L2-3)  Emily

 11:30am Body Rolling (in the Shala) Roland (6 pax max)

 12:00pm Restorative Alix

 2:00pm Vinyasa Flow (L1-2) (60 min) Robert

 3:30pm Kundalini Rebecca

 6:00pm Evening Flow (L1-2) Julián



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7:00am-8:00am Open Shala for Meditation Anton

8:15am Harmony Yoga  Julián

10:00am Mindful Vinyasa Angela

12:00pm  Aerial Yoga Hayley (12 ppl max)

2:00pm  Vinyasa Flow (L1-2) (60 min) Andrea

3:30pm Restorative Robert

6:00pm Satsang (60 min) Rebecca




7:00am-8:00am Qigong Bharú (starting December 12th)

8:15am Harmony Yoga Vanessa

10:00am Intermediate Vinyasa  Rebecca

12:00pm  Restorative Yin Jane

2:00pm  Vinyasa Flow (L1-2) (60 min) Emily

3:30pm  Open Heart Open Hips Cindy

6:00pm Evening Flow (L1-2) Ariana




7:00am-8:00am Open Shala for Meditation Anton

8:15am Harmony Yoga Heather

10:00am Intermediate Vinyasa (L2-3) Zac

12:00pm Restorative  Natrishka

2:00pm Vinyasa Flow (L1-2) (60 min)  Andrea



8:15am Harmony Yoga with live music Ariana

10:00am Intermediate Vinyasa (L2-3) Lori

12:00pm  Restorative Zac

2:00pm Moon Salutations (60min) (L1–2)  Heather

4:00pm Yoga para la ComUNIDAD en Español




8:15am Harmony Yoga Robert

10:00am Intermediate Vinyasa (L2-3)  Zac

12:00pm Breathwork Alix

2:00pm  Vinyasa Flow (L1-2) (60 min)Emily



Private Yoga Class All eyes on you!

A 75 minute Private yoga lesson also offer students the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns or goals. With the intention to make you feel loved, not judged, we take a look at your alignment and holding patterns so we can address imbalance in the body, breath and mind. Intricate and individualized alignment cues and hands-on adjustments facilitate deeper understanding of the posture and where to direct the flow of energy. Learn how to modify or advance your practice so you will feel comfortable in any class.

1-3 persons | $102

 4-6 persons | $170

7-10 persons | $203

1:1 Yoga Therapy

Let’s look together, through the lens of compassion, at your relationship with yourself. This session includes analysis of an existing practice, review any injuries, ideas for future practices and the introduction of techniques that may serve you. Breathwork, assisted stretching and/or hands-on therapeutic massage will be integrated in the session. The intention is to come to a deeper understanding of how to care for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through inquiry, practice and listening.

90min $226


Our classes are ALL LEVELS unless specified otherwise

L1 – 2: Some yoga experience recommended

L2 – 3: Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Practice

Classes are 90 min.

  • Harmony Yoga and Aerial Yoga, 75 min
  • Evening Flow & Vinyasa Flow & Satsang 60 min

Please arrive 15 min early to check in at reception


$9 Satsang

$17 Yoga classes

$28 Aerial yoga

Inquire about our class passes with reception

For more information on yoga class & bodywork:



Instagram: harmonyhealingnosara

FB: www.facebook.com/healingcentrenosara


Harmony Yoga

Start the morning right.  This class, taught by a different teacher each day, offers a unique opportunity for students to explore various approaches to Hatha Yoga. All levels.

Open Shala for Meditation

A space for silence and reflection in our intimate Shala.

Intermediate Vinyasa

An intentional flow class aimed to create and preserve wellness of the body and mind. In this class you will work on alignment, balance and muscle control. This class is fun, playful and includes inversions and arm balances. One year Yoga experience is recommended. Level 2-3.

Vinyasa Flow/Evening Flow

An intentional flow class aimed to create and preserve wellness of the body and mind. In this class you will work on alignment, balance and muscle control. This class is fun, playful and includes inversions and arm balances. One year Yoga experience is recommended. Level 1-2.

Moon Salutations

Take your linear vinyasa practice sideways on the mat with Moon Salutations, known in Sanskrit as Chandra Namaskara. This practice is grounding and opening.  A minimum of basic yoga experience is suggested. Level 1-2.


Qi Gong, Aknanda Method is a body-mind training that integrates movements, postures, breathing and awareness. A real meditation in movement, an art that strengthens your health, promotes longevity and inner peace. Aknanda QiGong Method, brings a way to self mastery, sowing a Zen attitude and deep recognition of the energy power and its capacities for movement, healing and transformation. The unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Restorative Yoga

A practice that soothes and seduces your nervous system into an organic receptivity as well as pleasurable release.  This process opens space for multidimensional healing and peace of mind. Props are used to support your body in this subtle and profound practice. Touch quiet, the natural sound of your spiritual heart. All levels.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga provides a fun and challenging workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without overstressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae. The key to Aerial Yoga is the hammock, a swath of silky fabric that acts as your support system. Using the hammock, you invert and hang suspended in the air. Some health restrictions might apply. All levels.  (Please sign up in advance at the HC.)

Body Rolling

Inspired from the teachings of: Body Rolling by Yamuna Zake, The M.E.L.T. method by Sue Hitzmann, The Roll Model by Jill Miller, and their mentors, as well the eastern healing art of QiGong blended into one eclectic mix. Led by Roland Aber, certified massage therapist, yogi, and dancer. Limit 6 students. First come first served. All levels.

Restorative Nidra

Experience an even deeper nervous system reset. Yoga Nidra. A simple and profound practice sometimes referred to as yogic sleep. The mind and body rest, while awareness stays awake. Offered after simple restorative poses prepare you to effortlessly drop in. All levels.

Kundalini Yoga

Inspired style of yoga with fun music, heart and soul. Every class is unique and different. Learn how to apply the techniques of Kundalini yoga off your mat in order to more consistently live from a place of joy, alignment, ease and freedom. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Mindful Vinyasa

In this class we explore the connection between body, mind and breath using a combination of alignment and meditative practice in action.  Using traditional asana and exploratory movement to cultivate the quality of curiosity, dynamics of meditation and pranayama in flow. One of the key components of mindful vinyasa is to become more aware of how we hold habitual tension, exploring how we can cultivate relaxation in action. This class is playful and informative. All levels.

Open Heart/Open Hips

Using the breath to facilitate deep stretches, strong standing heart openers, simple inversions, and profound hip releases, you create an opportunity for deep energetic and emotional release.  We work to untie the knots that have been created in our animal bodies with the hope of feeling more energized and happy! All levels.


A mindful sequence of long held postures to gently stretch and stimulate the body’s deep connective tissue. The ideal compliment to dynamic muscular forms of yoga and fitness. Also great for vitalizing the body from sedentary lifestyles and travel. Perfect for all levels and ages.

Restorative Yin

The depth of yin, pulsing with the release of simple supported restorative poses. Yin yoga offers long holds that nourish the joints and bones, bringing significant flexibility to the deepest areas if your body. It is a challenging practice.Level 1-2.


A profound tool for transformation and healing on all levels–body, mind & spirit. It uses the ancient practice of circular, connected breathing. Breathwork is one of the purest and most effective techniques to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, and awaken you to your true Being. All levels.


A gathering intended to awaken the sacred power within; to cultivate a connection to Self, Source and community. Any combination of meditation, breathwork, chanting and spiritual discourse devoted to the remembrance of our true essence—LOVE. All levels.

Yoga para la ComUNIDAD

For the love of practice! This class taught in Spanish by local teachers, offers a unique opportunity for students to explore various styles of Hatha Yoga.  All levels.