Harmony Hotel - Eating and Drinking

++  RestAuRAnt  ++

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The season, the harvest, local food traditions, the weather—these are the ingredients for a meal that isn’t just delicious, but one that binds us to the world and people around us.

Our food is grown by the farmers of Costa Rica. And our menu is decided by what’s in-season and the daily catch. We work with providers who share our values and our vision for strengthening our local food economy. We are constantly working to be creative with using all parts of our ingredients so we can meet our zero waste goals.

We’re constantly in search of better and more responsible ways to serve up unforgettable meals. It turns out good food practices make for really good food.

Breakfast 6:30am - 10am
Lunch 12pm - 3pm
Dinner 6pm - 9pm
Bar 11am - 10pm

++  juICebAr  ++

You will find the Juice Bar on your own. Follow the smell of fresh baked bread down a garden path towards a perfect cappuccino and a still-warm muffin. Situated at the heart of our property under the shade of a traditional thatched ranchito, you’ll meet locals and guests who pop through for the fresh harvested salads, sandwiches served on our own homemade multi grain bread, and juices made with 100% organic ingredients.

Open 7am - 5pm

Eating and Drinking amenities