The owners of the Harmony didn't intend on buying a hotel in Costa Rica. But, as avid surfers, they had met on the beaches of Nosara and fallen in love with both the area, and each other.

In 2004, a slightly worse for the wear bungalow surf hotel had come up for sale, and the new plans for it threatened the magic of the town that had come to mean so much to them.

So they bought it.

They had no desire to be hoteliers, but they did care very much about preserving the integrity of Nosara. They decided to relaunch the hotel as a place that integrated with its environment and community, where people could come to relax, restore, and reconnect.

They replaced the old hotel’s “tropical” gardens and manicured lawns with native plant species that welcomed back the wildlife. Locals were hired for most positions. Sustainable practices were given the same importance as comfort. And a robust community engagement initiative started to grow.

And it all began as a love story.

We think you’ll fall in love with this place too.

-+? Is the Harmony Hotel for you ?+-

Our hotel wasn’t designed to be an attraction, but to be attracting — to native flora, wild fauna, new kinds of thinking, and a different type of traveler.

See, you don’t come to the Harmony Hotel to get away from things. But to plug deeply into them — letting your surroundings and the natural rhythms of the world make the rules.

The Harmony Hotel is a place where the nature around you changes the nature within you—where the outside world reaches deep inside, reminding you that everything (and everyone) is connected.

Our goal, for every guest, is to help those who come to rediscover these connections.

To be in Harmony.

A few things to think about if you’re considering a stay at the Harmony:


We welcome family members of all ages, so it can get a little boisterous at times, especially around school holidays.


The Harmony sits in the middle of native plant gardens, and we respect our animal friends. On occasion bugs, geckos, or the wayward crab may take a little detour through your room


We like to keep things low-key with a sense of thoughtfulness, from friendly service to style of rooms.


You don’t have to be a surfer or yogi to enjoy the Harmony, but you may leave as one.

-+ Community Partners+-

Since the hotel opened in 2005, the Harmony Hotel has partnered with and supported a variety of values aligned local organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Our intention is to share resources and knowledge to have a positive impact on the long term health and sustainability of our community.

These are some of the amazing organizations we’ve partnered with who are doing the important work.