A Fish Story

Food is very important to us at Harmony; it brings pleasure and nourishment to our guests, while connecting us to our natural ecosystem and nurturing a deeper sense of place. We believe in prioritizing ingredients that are fresh and local, and as part of a coastal community, one of our most popular menu items is fish. We strive to understand how our sourcing decisions impact the wellbeing of species, ecosystems, and local communities. The combination of our research and our sustainability values led us to remove Tuna from our menu, and it’s the reason we respect the annual “Veda.”

Veda is a period of closure that lasts 3 months in the Gulf of Nicoya. Designated by Instituto Costarricense de Pesca y Acuicultura (INCOPESCA), Veda helps to protect marine species and give them time to regenerate by closing the waters for fishing. (INCOPESCA is the institution that manages, regulates and promotes the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector with a total ecosystem approach, upholding principles of sustainability, social responsibility and competitiveness.)

Honoring this Veda season is critical for protecting the health of marine species and habitat, plus it creates an opportunity for us to explore other ways of responsible sourcing and providing nourishing experiences for our guests. This is why we introduced regionally and sustainably farmed trout to our menu last year. We continue to explore and assess the different aspects and impacts of aquaculture, and how we can get creative with more plant-forward menu items, like seaweed. (Why not look into serving the foods that fish are eating?) We know so much is possible, and we are working to foster a culture of creativity and teamwork in our kitchen so the whole team can bring their ideas and local expertise to the table.

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