Harmony A.I.R. Lady Midnight

Adriana Rimpel, known professionally as Lady Midnight, is a vocalist and performance artist who draws upon her multidisciplinary background and Afro-indigenous roots to create work that reflects our collective lives.

This beautiful video follows her residency at Harmony during our green season, as she focused on creating new musical works that examine the connection between first nations and their spiritual worldviews around water. It shows the beauty of exploration, personal discovery, and creative process - all things that can be so profound here in our unique environment.

In Nosara, she captured the sound of water from rivers, waterfalls, the ocean, and rain. Using our new recording studio at Harmony, she "remixed" those sounds to serve as the foundation and percussive elements of her music, which she then sang over with lyrics that spoke of water and mimicked its undulating nature.

Her ongoing project will explore repeating themes of how water is represented in a spiritual worldview and as a life force, as she uses her voice to call attention to the urgent need to protect the well-being of water and everyone’s access to it.

Learn more about this remarkable artist at iamladymidnight.com

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