Harmony A.I.R. San Canessa

In November of 2022, Harmony Hotel welcomed San Canessa to Nosara as our Artist in Residence. San is a visual artist from El Salvador working with water, ink and yupo paper. Their work is an intuitive dance, and improvisation between material and environment, a process of internal and external cartography in which emotional, spiritual and imaginary landscapes are surveyed. San explores water as DNA, collaborating and documenting time through its currents, queering landscapes and imprinting the vibration and energy of water.

In Nosara, San worked with rain. The series “Numinous / Numinxs” explores the terrains and markings of rain in dreams and waking life.  San continues to bring into being abstract landscapes that can be used to contemplate the individual and collective unconscious.

This video traces San’s process and the resulting artworks created during their 3 week residency at Harmony Hotel and El Estudio at Campo, Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica.

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